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Fitted Furniture

Integrate Style and Functionality

Discover the art of harmonizing aesthetics and utility. Our meticulously crafted fitted furniture adds a touch of sophistication while optimizing your living environment.

Fitted Kitchens

The heart of every home. We take great delight in listening to how “you” want your space to function and enjoy working through different ideas and designs till we find one that’s “just right for you”.

Family Areas

Anywhere family’s gather are so important to us. Extra care is always taken to make the most of these valuable times and spaces. From tables and chairs to living room suites. We are proud that our furniture can be part of your life stories and memories.


Making the best use of sometimes awkward spaces. We enjoy the challenge to create peaceful, organised havens to rest in and enjoy.


Creating home workspaces that can be functional and beautiful. From an office to a full library, whether traditional or modern, always made to make full use of the space available. Designed around function, to create usable comfortable spaces.

Harmonizing Spaces with Custom Fitted Furniture

Experience the perfect fusion of form and function. Our fitted furniture brings tailored elegance and optimal utility to your living spaces. Explore the seamless blend of style and practicality.

About Us

Rusling Furniture Makers always stay focused on the ethos that it was born from a desire to create truly bespoke and beautiful furniture.

Let’s Craft Your Bespoke Vision

Your vision deserves an exclusive interpretation. Our bespoke furniture quote process engages your aspirations, ensuring a truly personalized estimate aligned with your dream space and budget.