Crafting Your Unique Space

Bespoke Furniture

Bespoke Pieces

Nothing more exciting for us than creating truly bespoke furniture. Working from a brief and crafting one off pieces, from a dream or idea to a finished original to be truly proud off.

From Concept to Reality

We begin with understanding your vision, whether it's a rough sketch, a specific design theme, or even just a feeling you want your furniture to evoke.

Personalizing Every Inch

Bespoke furniture is more than just functional. It's a statement of individuality. As the piece nears completion, we focus on the finer details that truly personalize it.

A Legacy of Craftsmanship

When you invite our bespoke furniture into your space, you embrace a legacy of craftsmanship. Each piece embodies stories of collaboration, innovation, and passion defining our process.

Premium Materials and Finishing

From timber to the finish, focus is always on quality.
Only the best sourced materials are chosen to be used on our projects. Many hours are spent in this part of a normally overlooked process, but our finished pieces benefit greatly and stand apart as the finest quality.


Elevating Spaces with Timeless Elegance

From luxurious upholstery to hand-carved details, our bespoke furniture transforms rooms into showcases of refined beauty and personalized sophistication. Discover how our creations resonate with your distinct style.

About Us

Rusling Furniture Makers always stay focused on the ethos that it was born from a desire to create truly bespoke and beautiful furniture.

Let’s Craft Your Bespoke Vision

Your vision deserves an exclusive interpretation. Our bespoke furniture quote process engages your aspirations, ensuring a truly personalized estimate aligned with your dream space and budget.