Have you ever had the problem of delivery companies not travelling to the Highlands or charging silly prices?

Well, it’s not a problem for us. These are our trusty steeds outside our workshop waiting on the next load to be delivered. We have one extreme to the other! The vans are both Volkswagen’s, a crafter and a caddy therefore we can get to our clients with ease no matter how much stock we have to carry. Both vans are great on fuel consumption and very comfortable on long drives.

The caddy is at an advantage when parking in cities, carrying and delivering small items. This mode of transport is great for ensuring our maintenance team get to our customers safely. In contrast the crafter can fit a small kitchen inside, this which saves time and travel when fitting large items and kitchens. Have a look at their registration number. We couldn’t resist them!

So, thanks to our work horses, distance is not a problem for any project. One client did ask “why does a furniture maker need a pickup?” It’s a fair question, but most people don’t realise what the capabilities are of the winch at the front of the pickup. It has been used for numerous purposes.

The funniest story when using this piece of equipment was when it helped a Bank of Scotland’s van when it got stuck in mud at a Highland show at Moy.

The way it moves wood so easily saves our back from a load! In the winter and in hard to reach locations there is no stopping the Hilux (the pickup). Some of our client’s residences are still in the process of finishing their access roads. Therefore when we are preparing for projects, mud tracks are not an obstacle. Traveling on the island of Rum where there are no tarmac roads, we were very grateful for the Hilux getting us and our tools to Kinloch Castle where we were working.’

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