We have spent many years searching and hunting down the best timber suppliers that provide the most unique trees to create our bespoke furniture. As a furniture company, we pride ourselves on the fact that all our unique furniture is made in our Inverness workshop and tailored to personal specification according to customer needs. We are extremely particular about every project, which is executed to the highest standard from the beginning to the end. This all begins with the materials we use and our suppliers are carefully selected using a long and time consuming process. It starts with them sending pictures of different, specific trees needed then our team goes directly to the supplier, searching through, grading and matching the wood we need to create our specific pieces to the desired effect.

This bespoke cabinet was created as an original piece for the ideal home show in Glasgow. It was made to be eye catching and stand out as a unique piece. This is why we chose to construct it from solid curly cherry slab wood. The cherry wood was part of a tree that had been shipped over from North America. The wood is simply stunning and is one of the nicest trees we have ever worked with. Our workshop enjoyed creating this piece so much that we bought another two trees. When you first look at the chest you can see the grain that continues all throughout the chest and the Wayne edge on the front. The drawers are constructed from solid maple and the back is maple panelled to create a contrast. It has been fitted with tiptronic drawer runners so that the drawers can be pushed open without the need for handles which can often spoil the look of the piece. We spend a lot of time and effort sourcing the best wood for our pieces and we think it shows with the unique furniture created.

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