Solid timber worktops provide a natural beauty to your kitchen that is hard to replicate with other materials. Classic in their look they will instantly become the focal point of any kitchen. No other form of kitchen work surface has the timeless rich beauty and warmth that solid timber can provide. Solid wood is a natural material with a special feeling. Normal variations in colour, texture and appearance are due in part to the size and age of the tree and give the worktop a personal character. Solid wood is a natural material that is easy to repair, refinish and change whenever you like.

Each species has its own character and built- in colouring and markings. Therefore choosing one that complements your own style and taste becomes very individual, unique and rewarding. Whether you prefer warm homely tones for a farmhouse style, or something that creates a real visual statement for a modern/contemporary space, solid timber is versatile in style and character.

We manufacture all our tops using traditional methods, always opting for long and wide lamels, to show off the beauty of the chosen timber. We never using small multi block construction opting instead for traditional building methods to create a bespoke, high quality finish. These methods create many individual and unique features including built in sloping draining boards (not only grooves), insets and many different edge profiles and splash backs.

Overall, the wooden worktop has many undeniable benefits with one of the main advantages being its ability not to age due to wear and tear and general use. Other materials can lose their original finish, being damaged during use. Instead, having a wooden worktop can improve in character, becoming richer and deeper in colour, and becoming part of your home in a personal way that other materials will not. Our bespoke wooden worktops are solid all the way through. This means that if you have accident or mistreat the material in any way, any damage can be fixed to reveal a fresh new surface. Solid wood is a natural material that is easy to repair, refinish and change whenever you like.

The wood is also more resilient to knocks and bumps of everyday life so it will not leave you with an exposed unattractive economy sub straight staring through. Overall our timber worktops will provide you with a long term investment for your home. The worktop will not flake or peel with use.

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