About us

We are a small team made up of Dannie, Eddie, Malcolm, Steve, Helen, Navid and Gill.

Dannie established Rusling Furniture Makers in 2001. His training included a 5 year apprenticeship and went on to train under a German Master Cabinetmaker for 3 years. A great insight into efficiency.

Eddie was a fellow student with Dannie and the two have worked together ever since.

Malcolm graduated in 2002 from City of Glasgow College after studying Furniture Making and Design and gained experience working around some of the elite Scottish cabinet making companies.

Steve began as an apprentice in 2013 after leaving school and has been with us since. He’s a good lad.

Helen is our business adviser and keeps us on the straight and narrow. She’s a genius!

Navid, from Vivoweb, works tirelessly behind the scenes on our online media and website. Impossible to do this without him!

Gill works in the office keeping us organised! Supplies us with delicious cakes too!