Many people like the idea of having unique and original furniture in their home but are hesitant to have a piece made for them because they know little or nothing about the process.

Here at Rusling we want to talk you though this process and explain how simple and enjoyable this experience can be.

Each project starts with a consultation where we find out exactly what the customer needs and wants from us. We use this to determine how involved they want to be in the project and most importantly what product they want us to create for them.

In order to establish exactly what the client is looking for, we will ask a range of questions such as what do you need the piece to do? What size do you want the piece to be? And what do you want the product to look like? Some customers even come equipped with their own drawings so we know exactly what we are creating.

The next step in the process is choosing the item specifics, such as what material will the product be made from and what the best finish for the product is. When making these decisions many customers will look at the pieces we have in our showroom for inspiration. This allows us to discuss the various materials and construction methods that can be used. For customers that are unable to make it to our showroom, item specifics can be decided using photos from our Facebook page and website or over the phone.

In order to ensure bespoke furniture making is enjoyable, we try and make the process as simple as possible by taking on the responsibility of designing and measuring for the product and also by shouldering any technical or manufacturing issues that may occur, which allows the client to enjoy only the best bits.

Once the above steps have been completed we can get to work creating the product. We will keep the customer updated every step of the way and will explain and answer any questions in a controlled and informative manner so the customer does not feel overwhelmed or bombarded with information.

What do you think of the finished product?

Does this post make the process of bespoke furniture making seem less daunting?

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to give us a call or visit our website.

To have a look at other products that we have created visit Facebook page.

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