How To Get The Best From Your Kitchen Storage.

18 Mar How To Get The Best From Your Kitchen Storage.

Visualise your space, how do you want to use it? What does it need to do for you?

The best way to utilise space is by tailoring the dimensions of your larder, not just width but also depth and the height or the cupboard, to make it suitable for your needs. Getting hung up on average sizes is a common problem, thinking units needs to be 400, 500, 600 or even 300 deep because as little as 100mm is useful for so many items, from condiments, to herbs and jars to bottles.


Smaller appliances, Microwaves etc, are best hidden out of view in modern day pantries that have been fitted with power points to keep counter tops uncluttered and gives the feel of more open space.

We love a Door Rack and find that they instantly bump up storage opportunities within your Kitchen. Perfect for storing tall, short and wine bottles as well as jars by building in narrow racks in different sizes and then fitting with bars or rails so that everything stays in place.

Best way to keep those pesky, bulky pots hidden? Load bearing, wide pull-outs and drawers that glide out with ease. These can be made deep enough to also store baking trays, pans, heavy dried foods or tins!



Have you checked out Wire Racking? It’s a modern day storage solution, but we can also make it from wood and or natural material, like wicker. We always suggest fitting this either on the back of yours doors or along with cupboards to be used as pull outs, with access on both sides possible. As you delve further into the world of Wire Racking you can choose from a complete array of flexible elements, from bottle racking and spice racks to paper towel racks or even coffee capsule holders.

Tired shelving is very popular in the world of Kitchen storage as well as Vegetable drawers and baskets. We also find that a cold shelf, such as a piece of naturally cool marble or a slab of hewn granite, is brilliant for keeping food stuffs conditioned and great for cheese!

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